Investment Banks in Kenya

Banking Industry in Kenya

The Companies Act, the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) Act and the Banking Act are the main regulators and governors of  banking Industry in Kenya. These Acts are used together with the prudential guidelines which Central bank of Kenya issues from time to time. In 1995 the exchange controls were lifted after the liberalization of the banking in Kenya.

Introduction to banking Industry in kenya

Central Bank of Kenya is tasked with formulating and implementation of monetary and fiscal policies. Central bank is the lender of last resort in Kenya and is the banker to all other banks. The CBK ensures the proper functioning of the Kenyan financial system , the liquidy in the county and the solvency of the Kenya shilling. The Ministry of finance is where CBK falls.

To address issues that affect the Banking industry in Kenya, banks have come together and formed a forum under the Kenya Bankers Association.


Kenyan Banks have realised tremendous grow in the last five years and have expanded to the east African region. The banking industry in Kenya has also involved itself in automation, moving from the traditional banking to better meet the growing complex needs of their customer and globalization challenges.

There has been increased competition from local banks as well as international banks, some of which are new players in the country. This has served the Kenyan economy well as the customers and shareholder are the ones who have benefited the most.

Some key challenges for the banking industry in Kenya

The major issues facing the banking industry include:

  • New regulations especially with the passing of the new constitution. CBK requires financial institutions to build up their minimum core capital requirement to Kenya shillings 1 Billion by December 2012. The Terrorist attacks on the twin towers in United States of America emphasised and led to the mandating Acts like Anti-money laundering. Nations are working closing to ensure that proceeds of crime do not get into the financial systems of the world.
  • The Global crisis experienced affected banking industry in Kenya and more so the mobilization of deposits and trade reduction
  • The Interest margins declines have also affected the banking industry in Kenya.

Investment Banks in Kenya that deal with Buying and Selling of Shares, T-Bills, Bonds and Securities

There are many banks in Kenya, both private and commercial. One can buy and sell shares through most investment banks in Kenya using M-PESA. You will also notice that these investment banks are among the top banks in Kenya.

Moreover, most Kenyan banks are offering new digital products. This is mostly driven by the strong competition from mobile money platforms – Mpesa and Equitel are by far the most popular. The following is a full list of investment banks in Kenya.

These investment banks in Kenya are regulated by the Capital Markets Authority and Nairobi Securities Exchange. Most investment banks in Kenya are also stockbroking firms. Stockbroking refers to the buying and selling of shares and securities on behalf of clients, over the counter or through stock exchange. All stock brokers earn a commission fee.

To trade in stocks one had to hire an expensive stock broker and be granted access to the stock market. With the Internet and the onset of mobile money payment systems such as Mpesa, anyone can now make money through these investment banks in Kenya.

List of Investment Banks in Kenya


One of the first investment banks in Kenya to use mobile technology, MPESA transfers and online trading was AIB Capital LTD. The Kenyan investment bank gets to start off the list.

AIB CAPITAL LTD (Formerly Afrika Investment Bank)

AIB Capital launched the first interactive mobile share trading platform in 2012. The platform, AIB Mobile uses mobile technology for users to buy and sell shares, monitor their accounts and use mobile money to top up. Clients deal with the investment bank directly, hence do not worry about sharing their financial information with third parties.

Equity Bank

Equity Bank - Investment Banks in Kenya

Equity Bank is one of the biggest and most profitable commercial banks in Kenya. Equitel is one of their most popular products. To buy and sell shares via Equity Bank, you just need to open a Central Depository System (CDS) Account, and have an Equity Bank Account. CDS forms are downloaded for free, after which you fill and sign the forms. Even foreigners can invest in the Nairobi Stock Market directly without stepping foot in Kenya, through Equity investment banking – more details here.

ABC Bank/ ABC Capital
ABC Capital investment bank has been a member of the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE KENYA) since 1954. The stock broker provides advice and guidance on investing in the Kenyan capital markets. Get corporate finance, stock brokerage and portfolio management at ABC Capital. The ABC group is comprised of ABC Bank, ABC Capital Bank and ABC Insurance.

African Alliance Kenya Investment Bank

African Alliance Kenya Investment Bank

African Alliance banking group operates across Africa. The investment bank is one of the best research companies in Africa. African Alliance has operations in stockbroking, asset management, corporate finance, research and private equity. The investment banking group also has interests in energy and minerals sectors.

Apex Africa Capital Ltd

Apex Africa Capital Ltd is one of the leading investment banks in Kenya. The bank has been operating as an investment bank in Kenya since October, 2002. Apex Africa Capital LTD deals with the buying and selling of equities at the NSE, and trading in both primary and secondary market bonds (government and corporate  bonds).

Faida Investment Bank

Faida Investment Bank

Just like most investment banks in Kenya, Faida Investment Bank deals with the Nairobi Stock Exchange buying and selling of shares and securities. Consequently, the investment bank offers services for investors interested in trading in securities issued by the government and public quoted companies. It is very easy to open a Faida Investment Bank account. Downloading the Account Opening Form to get started.

CBA Capital

CBA Capital has investment banking solutions and capital raising to meet your business financial needs. In addition to offering financial advice on debt size, pricing, capital structure etc. CBA Capital is involved in initial public offerings (IPOs), rights issues, private equity and debt funding.

Dyer & Blair Investment Bank

Dyer & Blair Investment Bank has vast experience in online trading, investment banking, stock brokerage, asset management and financial research. Founded in 1954, the investment company is one of the six founding members of the Nairobi Stock Exchange – now known as the Nairobi Securities Exchange.

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK)

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK)

The Central Bank of Kenya offers investment options with Treasury bills and Treasury bonds. The CBK also formulates all Kenyan monetary policies and promotes price stability. It issues currency among other functions. An investor can lend money to the Kenyan government for a period of up to one year by buying CBK Treasury bills. The minimum you can invest is Ksh 100,000 for Treasury BillsTreasury Bonds are long-term in nature and are available for a minimum of Ksh 50,000.

NIC Bank

NIC Bank Kenya operates across the Nairobi Capital Market, Insurance, Commercial banking, SME banking, personal loans, mortgages etc. Their Treasury Division will take care of your foreign exchange needs. NIC Bank is a leader in mobile banking and online banking. As a result, Kenyans can easily transfer money from MPESA to their NIC Account. Additionally, one can pay utility bills such as Nairobi WaterKPLC bill (electricity) and buy airtime using the NIC bank account.

Other Investment Banks in Kenya

Investing in the NSE is a very profitable venture if you join a good investment bank. Other investment banks in Kenya include:

Standard Investment Bank
Sterling Capital
Suntra Investment Bank
Bank of India
Barclays Bank
Bank of Commerce
CFC-Stanbic Bank
Chase Bank
Commercial Bank of Africa
Consolidated Bank of Kenya
Cooperative Bank of Kenya
Credit Bank
Development Bank of Kenya
Diamond Trust Bank
Dubai Bank
Equatorial Commercial Bank
Family Bank
Fidelity Bank
Fina Bank
First Community Bank
Giro Commercial Bank
Guardian Bank
Gulf African Bank
Habib Bank
Imperial Bank
Investment & Mortgages Bank
Jamii Bora Bank
Kenya Commercial Bank
Middle East Bank
National Bank of Kenya
National Industrial Credit Bank
Oriental Commercial Bank
Paramount Universal Bank
Prime Bank
Standard Chartered Bank
Trans National Bank Kenya
United Bank for Africa
Victoria Commercial Bank
Francis Drummond & Company
Genghis Capital
Kestrel Capital
Kingdom Securities
Old Mutual Securities
Renaissance Capital (Kenya)
SBG Securities

These investment banks in Kenya raise capital for clients. They also act as middlemen between the public and companies selling shares/ new securities. During mergers and acquisitions, investment banks advise both the buyers and sellers in matters of valuation, pricing, negotiations, procedures to follow and oversee the transactions.