Tembea Kenya Rome 2018

Tembea Kenya Cultural and Business Exchange  is the first event organized  in Italy where entrepreneurs from Kenya and Italy can meet and communicate. A cultural forum and Expo to develop business opportunities and cooperation agreements. A whole day event meeting and exhibitions organized to create productive partnerships and synergies between Kenya and Italian enterprises opening even greater doors for investment opportunities in Kenya.

Organized by ALL-KENYA Consulting, a company that  facilitates linkages and partnerships between businesses in the East African region, businesses in Italy and the Diaspora Community will have  over 30 exhibitors attending from banking and other various sectors as well.

It’s a unique occasion to anticipate the Kenyan growth trend.  With an unprecedented prediction Kenya represents the future for investments and opportunities in the Sub-saharan Africa.

This “forum and expo” will be the first event in a long series to promote economic and business exchanges between Italian and Kenyan entrepreneurs, to develop prosperous partnerships as well as benefit the Kenya Diaspora at large.


There are many different reasons as to why you should exhibit at the Tembea Kenya Cultural and Business exchange.

  • Generate pre-qualified sales leads
  • Promote your products face-to-face
  • Conduct industry research
  • Engage with the Kenyan Diaspora market
  • Demonstrate your product in a live environment
  • Build your brand to your target market
  • Gain advantage of relative early entry into a growing market
  • Meet decision makers in various business sectors
  • Have the opportunity to participate in B2B