Tour of Rome

Rome, the previous Caput Mundi (capital of the world), is an overload for your senses. The whizzing of a vespa, the intertwining of Italian with a hundred different languages, the smell of Pizza, the ancient ruins. The city is ridden with all-things-grand! From the pretty piazzas that end in colossal monuments, to ancient Roman forums that stand juxtaposing Baroque churches…Rome is a journey back in time.

Spending five days in Rome is enough to make you relish in this splendid open-air museum, and being here you can’t help but be transported to different eras with every masterpiece you encounter . Dotted with treasures, with history, myth and legend – Rome is a city unlike any other. Having five days to spend in Rome is a great way to get a taste of the city’s mysteries and glamour! Here’s how to fit all the major attractions in five days.



The Roman Pantheon, the most complete and best preserved Roma building (and building in general) in the world is a sight to behold. The concrete structure is the largest in the world, and the building is simply wonderful. The concept of space, the architectural wonders (even Leonardo da Vinci studied it), and the interior all blend to create one of the most important monuments in Rome. Interestingly enough, on the walls, you can see the dates that reveal the age – a structure dating back to 125 A.D!

Apart from the exterior, the interior itself is even more impressive. The Oculus inside is the only source of light, and you’re advised to stay silent, so the play of lights, architecture, the dome and the designs inside along with the silence made this experience so much better.

Opening hours: Mon – Sat: 9 am – 6.30 pm and Sun: 9 am –1 pm.



Piazza Navona, lined with Baroque palaces, shops, cafes and lavish fountains. In Rome the fact is that everything still looks the same way it did when it first got built, and the piazza has remained unchanged from the 17th century! Originally a circus, the piazza was a lively place to be in filled with energy, tourists, and street artists!