About us

Proudly Kenyan, All-Kenya is a service and Consultancy oriented company formerly known as Flexx and registered in 2010 with the Italian Registra of companies.

The vision to create a first class integrated Consultancy services  as well as Facilitate the B2B and G2G relationship between Italy and Kenya and increase the opportunities for bilateral cooperation, structure and other business solutions between the two. While various services are offered, our core business is the commercial brokerage that puts the best management know-how, state- of-the-art technology and efficient logistic follow-up to work for you and your company needs while bridging the gap.

In order to provide the kind of service that not only will ensure the retention of our customers but also attract others, we have established partnerships with some of the most reputable companies in the service industry in Kenya and Italy.

All-Kenya has a dedicated team of experts working around the clock to make sure that our customers get the best contacts, information, business management and marketing talent, which they need to become more profitable, better informed and competitive for all their business cycle.

Our Mission

Promote cooperation programs and bilateral collaborations, support proposals and development projects for the creation of partnerships, joint ventures and know-how transfer.

Our Vision

Facilitate the B2B and G2G relationship between Italy and Kenya and increase the opportunities for bilateral cooperation.

Our main objectives

  • Promote, support and enhance economic relations and trade interchange between Italy and Kenya.
  • Contribute to a better and mutual knowledge of the two markets and the business and investment opportunities.
  • Promote and organize meetings, seminars, summits, conferences, debates, missions, forums and events, with the aim of valorizing and spreading the knowledge of information, programs, projects etc., that interest the 6 strategic areas.
  • Promote and organize training, consulting and monitoring activities in all sectors, both for private companies and for national and international public institutions.
  • Promote and support cooperation activities with national and international institutions, companies, associations etc., also through collaborations and bilateral cooperation and/or the signature of specific agreements-partnerships.