Housing and Rentals in Italy

Finding a nice place to live is always difficult. Italy is no exception – finding the right accommodation can be hard, especially in large cities. Read our guide to room and flat rental. Check out the classifieds for available property and people looking to share flats.

There are, however, a few exceptions. For example, in major cities such as Rome and Milan, rented accommodation is in high demand and short supply, and rents can be high.

Accommodation accounts for around 25 per cent of the average Italian family’s budget, but can be up to 50 per cent in the major cities. Property prices and rents vary considerably according to the region and city, and have increased steadily in all major cities in recent years. For example, an apartment renting for €550 per month in Naples would cost up to €1,650 per month in Milan or Rome. In cities and large towns, apartments are much more common than detached houses, which are rare and prohibitively expensive.

Italy has a strong rental market and it’s possible to rent every kind of property, from a tiny studio apartment ( bedsitter) to a huge rambling castle ( castello). Rental properties are mostly privately owned, but include properties owned by companies and public housing owned by local councils.

If you’re looking for a home for less than a year, you’re better off looking for a furnished apartment or house. Most rental properties are let unfurnished ( non-ammobiliato), particularly for lets longer than one year, and long-term furnished ( ammobiliato) properties are difficult to find. Bear in mind that in Italy, unfurnished means a property is completely empty, except perhaps for the bathroom porcelain and possibly a kitchen sink. There will be no kitchen cupboards, appliances, light fittings, curtains or carpets, although you may be able to buy these from the departing tenant. Semi-furnished apartments usually have kitchen cupboards and bathroom fixtures, and possibly a few pieces of furniture, while furnished properties tend to be fully equipped, including crockery, bedding and possibly towels (similar to renting a self-catering apartment).

Finding a rental property

How to find your dream flat

Your success in finding a suitable rental property depends on many factors, not least the kind of rental you’re seeking (a one-bedroom apartment is easier to find than a four-bedroom detached house), how much you want to pay and the area where you wish to live.