Diaspora banking services

Diaspora banking services are offered to Kenyans living and or working  from abroad.Local commercial banks back home can keep your current,savings or fixed deposits accounts, give out loans, provide investment services while you are away.Do you know that not all those who travel abroad know where to get diaspora banking services?



Investment Companies In Kenya

Majority of the Kenyans who fly abroad like investing back home.You can do this independently or with the help of companies that deal in investment matters.

Investment companies doing well in Kenya currently incclude;

  1. Olympia Capital Holdings- investing in construction and real estate
  2. Centum Investment- investing in diversified activities like agriculture, real estate, health among others.Call +254709902000 or +254722205339
  3. TransCentury – investing in infrastructure
  4. Home Afrika – investing in property development
  5. Kurwitu Ventures– investments that are Sharia compliant
For Kenyans working in the US,you can choose to join Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco and invest home easily.

Banks with diaspora accounts

Whether you want to invest back home or simply looking for banking services while in a foreign country, a bank is the right partner.Transacting through your bank while in a far away country keeps your credit score good.Don’t be like Joseph, if you have a relative abroad or planning to travel abroad soon,these are the banks n kenya to join to access diaspora banking services;

1.Equity Bank Diaspora Services

The lender provides money transfer services,investment services,insurance services and loans to diaspora account holders. While abroad one can open a current, savings,fixed/call deposit or children account in local or in major foreign currencies.
Call +254763026481 or +254763063000

2.Coop Bank Diaspora Banking

The Cooperative Bank of Kenya help invest back home,get loans,transfer money home and insure against risks while abroad.Coop Bank diaspora accounts include; current, savings,fixed or call deposit and children accounts.
Call +254711049950,+254711049467,+254711049332 or +254711049972

3.KCB Diaspora Banking

KCB diaspora banking account holder services include; mortgage plans,travel insurance, KCB investment plans,money transfer services and Islamic banking services.
Call +254732187000 or +254711087000

4.I&M Diaspora Banking

The bank’s diaspora services are opening accounts,remitting money home,investing in property, investment management services and insurance services.
Call +254719088019,+254719088687,+254719088000,+254732100000 or +254753221000

5.Gulf African Diaspora services

Gulf African Bank diaspora account holders can transfer money back home, enjoy forex services,access to mortgage plans and get investment services .
Call +254711075000

6.National Bank Diaspora services

The bank provide various account options for Kenyans in the diaspora including ;diaspora current account, Savings Ahadi account, diaspora wekeza account and NatConnect – online banking. Account holders can access mortgage plans and transfer money back home from abroad.
Call +254703088900 or +254732118900

7.NIC Bank Diaspora Banking

NIC Bank Diaspora account holders enjoy services like loans,foreign currency accounts and exchange, money transfers,mortgage plans and investment management.
Call +254711041111 or +254732141111

8.Chase Bank For Diaspora

Chase Bank peovides Savings and fixed deposit accounts.Account holders enjoy foreign currency accounts,loans,insurance, internet banking services sending money back home,investing in property and shares.
Call +254709800000 or +254730175000

9.CBA Diaspora Banking

Commercial Bank of Africa provides diaspora account opening services,diaspora loans,foreign currency services,money transfer services, mortgage plans and investment & advisory services.One can open a current, savings or investment diaspora account.
Call +254711056444 or +254732156444

10.Family Bank Diaspora Banking

Family Bank diaspora services are safe custody, mortgage plans,loans and buying or selling shares home.Diaspora accounts include ; mkenya daima current account, mkenya daima savings account and fixed or call deposit account.
Call +254714822962

11.Credit Bank Nyumbani Account

Nyumbani diaspora account holders enjoy investment opportunities home,money transfer home and foreign currency accounts.
Call +254709072058

12.ABC Global Accounts

ABC provides the following global accounts; global current account, global salary account, global savings account a and global young star account. Diaspora account holders enjoy the following services; investment management, foreign currency services,insurance services,mortgage plans,loans and money transfer services.
Call +254729518810